Needs Analysis Report I Europe’s Most Needed Software Roles and Skills

This 2021 Needs Analysis report sheds light on the current and future needs for software skills and professionals in Europe. The conclusions are drawn based on the study of job vacancies, available research on software skills, education and training programmes, labour market reports, and databases. We also collected experts’ input about their expectations for the future of software roles, skills, and their provision.

What can we conclude?

  • The findings confirm that software Developers of all kinds are very much needed in Europe. Also, people in other software roles like DevOps experts and Solution designers are much in demand.
  • Software professionals should not be only experts in software, but they should also be able to work in a team within organisations. Thus, so-called T-shaped and π-shaped professionals will become more and more important. These are software specialists that have a broad set of (soft and business) skills and are able to work closely with people from different fields.
  • To close the skills gap between the demand and supply, most individuals need to be skilled, upskilled, and/or reskilled. Education and training providers and organisations with software skills needs will have to work closely together to train the software professionals of the future.

What will we do with this?

Europe’s Most Needed Software Roles and Skills report is our starting point to develop a coherent European Software Skills Strategy. We’ll use the report insights and conclusions to propose corrective or novel recommendations to close the skills gap in software development and operation.